Rotary D-2420 invites you to the second series of 2020-2021 Peace Conferences, entitled “Bridging the Divide” to be held on February 21, 2021 to celebrate Rotary’s month of “Peace and conflict prevention / resolution”


The mission of Rotary is to promote humanitarian work with the notion of “Service Above Self” and peace constitutes its first and foremost important area of focus. Rotary aims to improve people’s lives by fighting against diseases, providing basic education and literacy, bringing clean water and hygiene, supporting economic and social development, protecting the environment and building peace globally.


The first conference, held on December 12-13, 2020, focused on “Building and Sustaining Positive Peace” and now the second conference emphasizes conflict resolution skills and strategies, needed for positive peace. The third conference that will take place on April 25th 2021, will be entitled “Path to Peace: Gallipoli /Anzac Day”. The battle of Gallipoli marks a turning point in history where the peoples of Australia, New Zealand and Turkey developed a lasting friendship from the battlefield.


Conflict is natural and inevitable for peace and democracy. Peace is not about the absence of conflict, rather it entails the absence of violence in its different forms and dimensions. For resolving social, economic, political and cultural conflicts, we need to develop skills of communicating with the “other”, to develop empathy, understanding and dialogue with the “other”, which can be hard at times especially when the divide between us is very deep and sharp.  In those critical moments, when we cannot reach the “other”, we need a mediator, who would bridge the divide that separates us, who would transform the conflict onto a new horizon, where we all feel ourselves at home.  To this end, world-renowned peace builders and mediators will share their expertise with us.


Be part of it!


Open your hearts and minds to peace and join us…



Müfit ÜLKE (Chair)

Ayça ATAY (N.E.U.), Arzu ALPAGUT (PCP), Sumru AKCAN (PCP), Murat SEVİNÇ (PCP), Didem KARABATUR (CP), Murat İZGEREN (CP), Murat EGEMEN, Pınar ERDEM.